LIVE and the Well-being of Future Generations

The Llŷn Iveragh Ecomuseum (LIVE) collaboration seeks to establish an ecomuseum (a museum without walls) in two locations, one in Pen Llŷn in the north west Wales and the other in County Kerry, Ireland. The Ecomuseum movement is European in origin and there are more than 300 worldwide. Each aims to support a community to manage its own heritage, helping it to conserve its resources and traditions whilst thriving economically. Tourists and community members alike will be encouraged to understand the impact of leisure and travel and that Pen Llŷn and Iveragh are homes as well as destinations.


LIVE and the ONE sustainable development principle – we are working together to ensure that we address the needs of our people and communities in a way that will allow our children and grandchildren to live well too.

Rural de-population and the lack of quality work is a challenge in the north west of Wales and western Ireland. Establishing an ecomuseum in both locations to celebrate natural and cultural heritage will extend the tourism season, improve the livelihoods of today’s citizens and provide opportunities for the future.